Hawaii’s coral reefs are home to beautiful wildlife that people come from all around the world to see. More than 20 percent of the fish on Hawaii’s reefs are found nowhere else on Earth.

Large numbers of fish and other reef wildlife are taken off Hawaii’s reefs by aquarium collectors to supply the global demand for personal aquariums including in homes, restaurants and hotels. Hawaii is the third largest source of aquarium wildlife worldwide and yet the State of Hawai`i, which is responsible for managing this trade, has not been doing its job to protect these fragile ecosystems.

Wildlife capture for personal aquariums is not only degrading the fragile Hawaiian reef ecosystem, but is also identified as a major threat to 18 of these native species.  Help keep fish on the reef! Take action now

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Wildlife captured throughout Hawaii since 1976 (fish + invertebrates).
Source: collection reports submitted to the state by aquarium fish catchers.

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