A Tale of the Yellow Tang

The vibrant color of the yellow tang adds a depth of beauty to the rainbow of colors on Hawaii’s coral reefs. These fish school, a natural behavior that offers numerous benefits from mating and the search for food to protection against predators. Their beauty attracts... Read More

Hawaii’s Beautiful Fishes Are Disappearing

Hawaii’s coral reefs are home to beautiful wildlife that people come from all around the world to see. More than 20 percent of the fish on Hawaii’s reefs are found nowhere else on Earth. Large numbers of fish and other reef wildlife are taken off Hawaii’s reefs by... Read More

Hawaii Reef Fish Get Their Day in Court

The State of Hawaii is the largest exporter in the United States for reef fish and invertebrates intended for the aquarium trade, and the third largest supplier of aquarium wildlife worldwide. At a reported 600,000 fish a year, the number of wildlife collected from... Read More