Cyanide Fishing

Poisoned Waters: How Cyanide Fishing and the Aquarium Trade are Devastating Coral Reefs and Tropical Fish, Report

Assessing the Prevalence of Cyanide-Caught Fish in the U.S. Marine Aquarium Trade Presentation

Fish Welfare

Torture in the Marine Aquarium Hobby – Sacrificing a Hawai`i Endemic Damselfish

Sacrificing Animals to Start/Cycle a New Tank

Marine Aquarium Trade Best Practices Manual

Hawai`i Aquarium Trade

Comments Submitted in Scoping Process for EIS Preparation Notice (Sept. 2018)

Impacts of the Aquarium Trade in Hawai`i, Presentation (2016)

Evidence of Aquarium Trade Impacts to Hawaii Reefs and Wildlife

Letters from Hawai`i Environmental Agencies on Aquarium Fish Trade (2015)

Hawai`i Wildlife Conservation Strategy Chapter on Marine Fishes (2005)

Hawai`i Audubon Society Video, Impacts of the Aquarium Trade in Hawai`i (2004)

Hawai`i State of the Reefs Report (1998)